How to Retrieve Old Deleted Text Messages on iPhone Phones

So putting aside the idea of bugging Sprint or AT&T to recover deleted text messages from the carriers end the buck ends with you here. You made your bed by not making a backup of your data and now you must lie in it.

OK we’re not really that mean. Don’t worry recovering deleted text messages on an iPhone is actually really easy. Out of all the phones we’ve worked with while bringing this project live as our part time jobs an Apple iPhone is by far the easiest to work with and has the best chance to recover the data. So we’re going to look at how to retrieve deleted text messages¬†for the iPhone. These¬†methods are easy to use and what you can do to improve recovery rates.

If you don’t feel like doing the tech side of things you can send your phone our way and we can try to do it for you. We can’t make any guarantees though because once the memory is gone from the phone there’s no bringing it back. But we do take our own advice and try to recover as much as we can.

How to Do It

deleted iphone text messageThe how is pretty simple. We’re going to use some free software which knows how to look through your iPhones memory and find messages which are not supposed to be there anymore. With most phones this data is already written off but the iPhone has a lot of memory to work with so it’s got a higher chance of filling the memory location somewhere else for longer.

To actually retrieve your deleted iPhone text messages all you need to do is download and install the right software (we suggest Textrar) and then plug your phone in and hit scan.

Depending on the amount of data you have on there (and your patience) it might take a while to run. Ideally you want to leave it on overnight. The longer you give it to do its thing then the better the chances you’ll get your deleted text message back. Newer models will take longer with their increased memory size, unless you have access to USB 3.0 for it.

Improve Recovery Rates of Deleted Text Messages

So the software can find your deleted texts and shows you what’s still there. On the run up to this what can you do to increase the recovery rate of the deleted texts?

Well first of all turn off the phone. Minimum put it to silent mode and use it as little as possible. The more you use the phone increases the chance your messages will be gone for life. But the best result is to turn it off until you’re at the computer and airline mode while it’s scanning to prevent the data being moved.

You can try to use the phone as little as possible and run the scan as early as possible. It also increases the recovery rate if you enable the DFU mode while the software is actually scanning the phone.

Which iPhones Can You Retrieve Deleted Texts On?

In true Apple style there are a whole bunch of different iPhone versions these days and some of us still use the older ones. I have no problem with this personally. I say if the phone does what you want it to then nothing else matters, but I seem to be in the minority here. I also like getting the latest iPhone, mostly just so I can tinker with it.

how to retrieve deleted text messages iphoneBut when it comes to retrieving deleted text messages from an iPhone it really doesn’t matter which model you’re using. Features and specs might change but every iPhone deletes messages the same way so as long as you can still connect it to your computer you’re golden.

The only real difference you’ll see is that a newer phone is less likely to be used and will have a bigger memory storage area which means you’ll have a better chance of being able to recover your deleted message from the unused memory.

Here is a video from TextRar showing their working models:

So I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Messages have been recovered from an iPhone years later. That said it’s a good idea to get your phone off as quickly as you can afford to.