FileMaker Pro Databases

Action Tracker 1.3
Action Tracker is a project and to-do tracker with a clean, lightweight interface which makes it easier for you to manage your tasks, projects, related contacts and project files. Because it is based on FileMaker Pro it is powerful and easily customizable. Inspired by David Allen's GTD.
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Bird Tracker 1.0
A simple FileMaker Pro database for keeping track of the birds you've seen. I'm new to birding so I may have left out fields important to more experienced birders. If you have a suggestion please email with your ideas.
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Literacy DBase
LiteracyDBase was created for the Memphis Literacy Council to track student and tutor assignments and hours. Over time it has grown to include databases for tracking employee hours, contact lists, a family literacy program and more. May be easily modified for your organization.
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Automator Workflows

Scale and Send via Bluetooth
If you have Tiger and a Bluetooth phone that you sometimes like to send images to... say for attachment to one of your contacts, I've created a handy Automator Action.
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All software listed here written by Denny Henke.

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