Video Archiving

Over the years many of us record hours and hours of video. We record birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, school events and much more. We record our lives in an effort to preserve our cherished memories for the years ahead. It's important to remember though that video tapes don't last forever! Over the years, depending on storage conditions, they are likely to degrade in quality. MacProductive will transfer your video footage to DVD for safe keeping. We can transfer your old VHS or analog Hi-8* to DVD for long term storage.**

Remember, your Mac comes with easy to use video applications such as iMovie and iDVD! If you are interested in learning we are interested in teaching. We can show you how to import your video onto your Mac hard drive using iMovie. From there we'll show you how to add titles and transitions. Finally, you'll learn how to output your video to iDVD for burning to DVD. Remember, to burn a DVD you'll need blank DVD discs as well as a DVD burner, often called a SuperDrive.

Whether we do it or you do it, we can help the process along.

  • $45/hour of video

  • $15 for the 1st DVD, $5 each additional. Each DVD holds 90 minutes of video.

*Requires access to the original Hi-8 camcorder (with audio/video out ports)
**Even DVD media can be damaged and may degrade over time. Care should be taken in the storage and occasional backup of your DVDs.

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